Veterans in need

We always see events working to send care packages overseas to our deployed military men and women and we note the importance of encouraging them while they are so far away from home.  We don’t deny this is important but we also want to highlight the increasing need of encouragement right here in our backyard.

Veterans who have returned home are in a difficult limbo phase where they are both processing their deployment experience (first or maybe third time) while also hitting the ground running trying to get caught up on life and be back in the loop of helping their families and finding work.

This challenge can be difficult and many do not have the support they need from friends and family or feel bad about asking since they are supposed to be strong from serving their country.  We want you to know that these people are in need and we can show them our love and support every day.  You can support them financially by donating to The Home Front Cares or by educating yourself on the issues facing veterans of all ages.

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The Home Front Cares HAS NOT FORGOTTEN

Today, on the 12th Anniversary of 9/11 – when our Nation was attacked by  terrorists – I am comforted by the fact that The Home Front Cares has not forgotten.  We remember what America stands for, the Heroes who perished on that day, and those who answered the call to defend the freedoms we cherish.

How do we show this?  We stand by our service members, veterans and military families who have deployed in harm’s way since 9/11 and who now face financial challenges.

Last fiscal year alone, The Home Front Cares granted support to 358 service members, veterans and military families in OUR Colorado communities who needed a financial bridge to get them through to a better place.  We granted over a HALF MILLION DOLLARS in direct support – to your community and mine – to prevent homelessness, turn on utilities, and provide hope for a better tomorrow.

Please show our Heroes that YOU have not forgotten.  As you enjoy your freedoms and blessings, donate to The Home Front Cares – today.

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Don’t lose your fervor

Last Wednesday, at The Home Front Cares (THFC) Board meeting, we had a sobering discussion about Veteran suicide, and the results of the “Senator Bennet’s Panel on Veteran Suicide 2013″ report, in which our own board member, Dennis McCormack, participated.

When asked if THFC has any relation to/impact on this issue, Dennis replied that he believes so.  We may not be able to measure or “prove” that our support has a positive impact on veteran suicide – but think about this:  If THFC helps a veteran pay for car repairs – the veteran may not lose his job due to transportation issues – thus, the veteran may not lose his home due to lack of employment – thus, the veteran may not lose his family due to homelessness – thus the veteran may not feel so despondent and alone as to commit suicide.

We currently ask clients to complete a survey about their assistance from THFC – more than one has mentioned feeling anxious, fearful, worried and even suicidal prior to our assistance.  They have also used words like “hopeful” and “thank you” in regard to our support.

Last fiscal year alone, THFC assisted 358 clients (more than 1/day) and their families.  We distributed OVER a half million dollars in direct support to Service Members, Veterans and their families – all in our Colorado communities.  Most of this support helped our clients avoid homelessness and keep the lights on.  Most of these clients have children.  Most of these clients live near you and I.

 Please don’t loose your fervor for what we are able to do.  You may never know whose life you helped save today.  A life that stepped up to protect yours, and mine, after 9/11.

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Already serving their country, they become citizens

The title of this post is also the title of an article detailing the experience of a Fort Carson soldier, Carlos Lauchu, from Panama that was being sworn into the United States as a citizen.

He was very nervous but glad that he could be a part of a country and serve it.  He has many goals after making it through his first deployment this fall.

We love seeing new people being welcomed to this country willing to fight for a nation they barely know with goals and hopes for the future.  Several other countries were included in the group receiving citizenship during the ceremony such as Belize, Germany and Nigeria, among others.

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Overwhelming Support

With all the events coming up to support The Home Front Cares, it is encouraging to see the growth this organization is experiencing.  We are now listed on Great NonProfits for people looking to support a reputable organization.  This is a great first step in reaching more people and spreading the passion and goals of our company.

We also have a lot of great events coming up for anyone to support and attend to share their love for what we do!  From golf tournaments to dinners to 5k races, all manner of events are being held to support us and we love meeting people who share our passion for the military and what they do for our country.

Keep an eye out for more events on our site and social media sites!

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Colorado Springs plans for homeless to affect veterans

This Monday, the Gazette ran an article saying that city officials have been meeting to discuss assisting homeless in the Springs area.  They want to build a campus where people could go for shelter, medical assistance, career and skill building as well as centers for help in drug abuse and addiction.

There is just one problem: the perfect location seems just out of reach.  The city has not been able to find a prime location to put this campus and are waiting while looking into other options.

While they are pursuing their ideas, they are also encouraging the efforts of organizations already in existence in helping the homeless.  With the rise in military homelessness, this new focus on helping our residents will be a big step forward.  Now that the city is actively working for this group in our community, we will work with them and other organizations to assist veterans who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless to get on a path of recovery.

We are happy to be working on a mission that so many other organizations recognize and work daily to improve and spread.

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Give a Free Roof to a Deserving Veteran!

I sometimes like to say that our humble little nonprofit doesn’t “take veterans to ballgames, we keep a roof over their head.”

The Home Front Cares has a new supporter who is doing literally just that!

If you haven’t seen it on our home page, the Front Range’s 1st Avenue Construction has launched a contest to give a new roof to a Colorado veteran, and YOU can help pick the winner!

Visit to nominate a veteran!1st Avenue Construction has partnered with Key Bank, American Family Insurance, Coors and The Home Front Cares to launch, a website where the public can nominate a deserving veteran to receive a free roof.

The deadline for nominations is Aug. 19. A panel of judges, including our own Dennis McCormack, will select four finalists. The public will be able to vote online for one of the finalists through September 17, at 1st Avenue Construction will announce the winner on November the 9th at the Veterans Day Parade 2013.

To be eligible, a veteran must live in 1st Avenue’s service areas–the company has offices in Colorado Springs and Denver–and must own the single-family home in need of a roof. Full rules and qualifications are available on the website.

1st Avenue officials plan to give away a new roof every quarter under the plan, although future roofs will not be limited to veterans.

This program is in addition to even more generosity from 1st Ave.–they have announced that they will donate one percent of the net profits for the year to THFC! What a wonderful gift!

Rick, Rob, Joe, and the rest of the 1st Ave. family: we are thrilled and humbled by your support! Thank you!

1st Avenue Construction

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VA gives grants to assist homeless veterans

Along with grants to help veterans in rural areas get transportation to healthcare, they also approved grants to help veterans transition to permanent housing.  The grants total $300 million and will go a long way in helping veterans.

Funds cover security deposits, rent and other costs to assist families move into housing that will help them reach stability.  Families can also get help if they are in danger of having to leave their housing so they can remain in their homes.

It is very encouraging to see funds being sent to groups that need them.  Veterans are very much in need of these funds as they have been having trouble transitioning to civilian life.  Defending our country is hard work and leaving them alone to survive on their own is not fair to them.  Our country is standing up for its military and getting them on the road to success.

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Veterans get a new boost

The VA has approved an initiative that will extend transportation to veterans living in rural areas.  These veterans will now have better access to healthcare that they may have previously been without due to the nature of their living situation.

The VA is providing this transportation at no cost to the veterans.  Individual states who have a rural population can apply for grants to fund travel just as a bus or van for veterans to get into the city for their healthcare.

This new expansion is part of a three-pronged effort that touches facilities, programs and technology.  This expansion aims to help veterans secure the help they need and gives them eligibility to extend healthcare for 5 years after a member has left the service.

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We will miss Bob Carlone

The founder of The Home Front Cares, Bob Carlone, always had a way with people.  He could help them see his vision for helping people, especially the military.  A week ago, Carlone passed away but his mission is still moving forward.

He started this organization after coming home from Vietnam and seeing that veterans were receiving little care and consideration while the country was in turmoil.  He didn’t want them to suffer so he founded The Home Front Cares.  Carlone wanted to make sure that the soldiers of the Pikes Peak region were taken care of as they served their country.

We are proud to have him as our founder and will continue to make soldier’s lives just a little easier with the help of the community who share the same dream.

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